ScriptArt by Jan Fallon

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ScriptArt by Jan Fallon helps business owners and authors develop an online presence. Using a keen approach, polished creativity, and diverse technical moxie, Jan uses her skill to get your job done quickly, accurately, and beautifully.


Do you need help getting started in a new venture, or rejuvenation of a current endeavor? ScriptArt by Jan Fallon can help you develop a creative presence with sweet, smart and simple design.

  • Logo Design
  • Website Design
  • WordPress Installation
  • Theme Development
  • Email Campaigns
  • Book Cover and Page Design
  • Copywriting and editing


Do you need help taking the next step toward success with your website? A small bit of knowledge shared can make a big difference. Contact Jan for a consultation about the following:

  • Domain and Hosting Set-up
  • WordPress CMS
  • MailChimp Campaigns
  • Book Publishing
  • KDP for Print and Kindle
  • Amazon Book Listings
  • Online Platform Help

Jan Fallon

Jan is a Graphic and Web Designer who began her career as an automotive illustrator on the HUMMER design team. While in the corporate world, she started ScriptArt to help entrepreneurs with print media. Over the years she has followed the industry into the wonderful world of WordPress and Adobe Creative Suite. Jan has a variety of experience that comes from being in the work almost every day.

Sweet, Smart & Simple Design

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